FanLogic company has been founded in 2007 and has gained a reputation of reliable and trustworthy logistics service provider. We have experience and are proud of our achievements, however, we do not rest on our laurels. We are continuously extending our range of services raising its quality adjusting it to the market requirements and our customer’s needs. It refers both to using modern technologies and managing processes and to taking care of competences development of our staff.

Acquaintance with transportation market is the main and appreciated advantage of our logistics company what as consequence gives possibility of choosing an optimal mean of transport and route of cargo carriage. Forwarding agent when effecting a lot of orders, is able to negotiate for Customer profitable price conditions with hauliers.

Having a huge experience in road logistics we are heading for Customer’s business only. In contrast to other shipping’s companies, we inform about all costs of service before carrying out an order so that our customer could be satisfied. As professional shipping company we act as “advocate” of our client. Thanks to our good acquaintance with transportation market and our unrivalled carriage rates we guarantee efficient delivery of goods and as consequence reduction of business deal costs.

Normally, we act both international and national transport and therefore we are aware that to carry out the delivery of goods effectively it is necessary to manage the logistics process properly.

We guarantee our customers the delivery of goods and avoiding unexpected costs. Each and every action (finding of haulier, choosing the mean of transport, assembling all the documents required, cargo insurance) we are carrying out with the complete involvement.


  • national transports,
  • international transports,
  • comprehensive shipping (from loading through transportation till unloading at destination)
  • express transports(more drivers allow to double speed of transport),
  • dedicated transports (attributing of route and vehicles exclusively for customer,
  • without additional loadings and transhipments, what speeds up carrying out of service,
  • transportation of part-loadings and whole truck loadings,
  • transportation of machines, delicate cargoes
  • low-chassis transport,
  • pick-up truck lift transport,
  • special transport, oversized, non-standard.


Quick, punctual

Cargo insurance

Control of cargo

Full carriage


Popular in different kind of branches(management, accounting) outsourcing of services can be also used in a perspective of shipping companies. It consists in introducingof transport service or storage to the outer shipping company with positive opinions in the market. It gives customers measurable effects:

  1. In terms of taxes, no costs of high taxes for means of transport, obligatory insurances – and what is more- expenses for logistics servicing became costs of the company in income tax and VAT, what considerably better accounting balance of the enterprise.
  2. From the financial point of view, giving the services to outer shipping company brings another benefits: there is no financial risk connected with transportation, damage, thief, breakdowns etc. Financially we can gain because experienced shipping companies negotiate better rates with customs agency, ship owners, hauliers and warehouses companies.
  3. From perspective of professional transport organisation, a shipping company is focusing on optimal planning, using proper mean of transport and economy

The answer is obvious. We encourage you to have a look at our offer!