Car transport is one of the services that is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Wałbrzych is a city where you can use it and at the same time guarantee yourself safety when transporting various types of cars. Transporting them from place to place sometimes becomes necessary, and no one will take care of it better than real professionals who provide transport of cars.

In 2018, FanLogic decided to expand the company’s offer with the transport of luxury, sports and vintage cars.

We offer a Brian James Trailers trailer, Race Shuttle 5 model, this model offers a built-in space for convenient transport and storage of medium-sized cars and racing cars. With this model, car transport turns out to be extremely simple and also completely safe. The trailer is equipped with an inertia ramp supported by gas servomotors, which will facilitate the vehicle entering the trailer.

  • LOHR loading surface,
  • filled with plywood,
  • door to the front “luggage hold” on the left and right side,
  • side door enabling access to the car,
  • electric winch,
  • length of the loading area 4.9m,
  • loading area width 2,12m,
  • load capacity of 2400kg,