We would like to invite you to cooperation within the scope of goods storage. We have a big storage surface at your disposal, we work on the strength of modern and checked systems of warehousing, we offer an insurance for entrusted possessions and also complex logistic-transport-shipping services. Our offer is dedicated, among other things, to commercial enterprises having on stock big and heavy objects which storing is linked to necessity of using forklift and professional workforce. We ensure our customer services of the highest quality and security.


Fenced and
monitoring property

Constant storage temperature
Goods, professionally prepared halls

Wide range of services,
long and short term storage,
packing / repacking of goods

High storage shelves that allow for safe and efficient
Storage of different types

Zonal distribution of warehouses enabling
the storage of goods of different

Running your own company is connected with having loads of assortment and equipment. In most cases they are heavy and huge that is why their storage is strictly connected with using a forklift truck and professional workers. To provide you the highest standards of service and guarantee safety of the goods you have to store, we would like to invite you to cooperation in the field of warehousing. Our storage space is unique because of its huge meterage and spacious areas. We work on the basis of the most modern and tested systems. In addition we can offer you insurance of your belongings. Because of the fact that we specialize in transportation, forwarding trade and logistics we are able to propose our clients congeneric solutions. Check how easy is it to storage your property! Modern warehouse Wałbrzych is a solution which will surprise you.

We are sure that services we provide are excellent. Our storage space is remarkably safe. Warehouse Wałbrzych is fenced and monitored. Halls are professionally prepared for fulfilling their tasks.Thanks to the inspection system we are able to maintain constant temperature and thereby guarantee our clients that their goods will remain undamaged. We can offer both long-term and short-term warehousing.We render a wide array of services, for instance bulk breaking and repackaging. Racks located high in our storage space will secure your goods and increase the capability of warehousing. Repository Wałbrzych can also propose zonal division which allows us to store items of different qualities.

Having a lot of experience in the business, we know that each and every one of our customers has different needs. That is why we are flexible and we are sure that we can provide you the highest quality of services. Regular customers will get beneficial discounts or the possibility to negotiate the prices (everything depends on the type of cooperation and the amount of freight orders per month). Storage space FanLogic in Wałbrzych has perfect location – the localization provides fast access to the other parts of the country and our southern and western neighbors. It allows us to assure you that you will freight your goods without any problems. What’s more you can be sure that your freight will arrive safe and perfectly in time.

If you decide to cooperate with us, you will get an access to rich consumer market and skilled labour. Warehousing doesn’t have to be a problem. Additional services we offer ,which are transportation, logistics or forwarding, will reduce your costs in connection with warehousing or transportation goods. With us you can be sure that your belongings will be stored in optimum conditions and undamaged. High-performance equipment, modern facilities, highly-skilled labour and warehouses with zonal division are the factors which guarantee safety of your property. Contact us and enjoy the privileges our company provides!